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practicing conversations (on creative and environmental sustainability)

Practicing Conversations (on creative and environmental sustainability) proposes an abstract discussion around the concept of digital sustainability in relation to creative practice and environmental awareness. Confused as to how the environmental impacts of digital art and design practices are often ignored, I attempted to present my research, creative practice, and dialogues with my environments and friends as an eight channel audio piece. As we enter a climate emergency this should be at the core consideration in navigating our creative practices. It is almost impossible to create work without having a harmful impact, even if small in context, hence many works that push an environmental message may seem somewhat ironic. Attempting to extend this idea to include creative sustainability, I looked at the mentality that goes along with the environmental downfall that can often be demoralising in making new work and lead to a feeling of guilt. The voices presented in this discussion are Earth sounds; Data frequency; Creative data sonification; Animal Sounds; Human habitat; Electrical sounds; Academic writing sonification; and Discussion between friends. Duation: 20minutes
SIGNAL Sound Commissions 2019