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Two new commissioned performances for MPavillion, Open House and Melbourne Music Week for the program MERGE.

heavy drone building (2021)

heavy drone building attempts to build architecture through sound. Through drones and rising sequences a feeling of construction, security and activity is formed. Across three sections, Forming, Climbing, and Living the piece evolves through noise, tonality and interaction. This piece was written for viola, clarinet and tape and to be performed at MPavillion, Melbourne for MERGE.

Score excerpt:

duet with the Villa Alba Museum

The piece uses varying bowing techniques to exploit the material sounds of the viola and how they react in space, mimicking the tones and scruffs of the building. Moving sound from one cavity to another.

With microphones in multiple rooms of the house, the natural reverbs, creaks and hums of the house play alongside my viola. The room becomes an instrument, an effect, a tool.

This is the second iteration, with variation, to a performance I did for make it up club earlier in the year from an idea that formed after practicing in isolated spaces with only the architecture to interact with.